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Sample Soft Flow Dyeing Machine

Sample Soft Flow Dyeing Machine We are Sample Soft Flow Dyeing Machine manufacturer in Mumbai. Sample Soft Flow Dyeing Machine is specially designed for developing samples.

Some Key Features Of This Sample Soft Flow Dyeing Machine Are As Follows:

Technical Specification :
Type of Fiber : Cotton, man-made fiber blends,
Type of Fabrics : Woven and knitted
Nomial Capacity per batch : 1kg., 2kg., 3kg., 4kg., & 5kg.
Minimum MLR : 1:10
Winch Moter H.P : 0.5hp geared motor, shaft mounted.
Minimum Rope Length in Meters : 4 meters
Material of Constructions : All wetted parts - Stainless steel AISI 316
All other parts-Stainless steel AISI 304.
Heating : Through electric heaters 12KW
Maximum Temperature : 135°C
Application : Dyeing of colour sample fabric in open width form or Rope form

Wet parts are constructed in stainless steel
Process in high temperature or atmospheric condition is possible
Variable Reel Speed through drive
Mainly used to repeat and correct the recipe between lab and bulk production
Fabric turnaround time and liquor ratio similar to bulk production machine
Recipe developed can be applied directly
Machine is compact in size
SS Centrifugal pump for circulation


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