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Heat Setting Machine

Heat Setting Machine � We are Heat Setting Machine manufacturer in Mumbai.

Technical Specification :
Type of Fibers / Fabric : silk, polyester, light weight cotton, wool etc.
Maximum working temperature : 135°C
Maximum working pressure : 4 kg/cm2
Heating Rate : 20°C - 130°C approx 30 min (Saturated steam pressure 7 kg/ cm2)
Cooling Rate : 130°C - 80°C approx 20 min (Cooling water at 3 kg/cm2)
MOC : SS 304
Capacity : 5kg to 500kg
Panel Board : Programmable Semi Automatic
Optional : Fully Automatic.
Application : Packages

Features :
Ideal production machine for spinners to achieve twist setting, yarn conditioning.
Stabilizes moisture content in the yarn.
Yarn is subjected to vacuum and pressure to the required levels in autoclave.
Improves efficiency in weaving, winding and dyeing due to conditioning of yarn.
Vacuum upto 730 mm. of mercury. Special pumps can be offered to achieve higher level of vacuum.
Customized Yarn Carrier.
Semi Automatic operation.



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